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The Secret to Getting More Poshmark Followers
Dec 1, 2019
Not only will it lead to increased sales, but it will lead to more Poshmark followers for your Poshmark closet by establishing a consistent Poshmark sharing schedule.


Sharing ensures anything on Poshmark would have ZERO exposure without sharing your wardrobe. Ideally, 3-4x times regular, you should share your wardrobe! You see a big increase in Poshmark followers by sharing on a daily schedule.

Oh, wait! How do you expect that to be done by me? -I've got a school -I run here and there with the kids. -I have to source, list, ship, source, You get the impression that we're busy now! The ClosetBuddy is here to help! ClosetBuddy is an app for you that will share and auto-follow followers of Poshmark.

Party Sharing

Sharing your closet with at least one group a day would have the most publicity. When you post a party, users who join in that party can see your listings that you have shared and will follow you in return. Further publicity means more followers of Poshmark. ClosetBuddy will do just that, too! ClosetBuddy will share your things with the parties automatically.

Sharing Others' Items

You will need to share other user's things to really get more Poshmark fans, Yes you need to do that too! Those users can see that their things have been posted by you. These users are more likely to adopt your closet when those users who see another user sharing their closet.

The most successful way to get more Poshmark followers is to share other user things during parties. About why? At present, the majority of users who participate in parties are participating on Poshmark. You will draw their attention when you share their goods!

Poshmark Ambassadors

If you're not already an ambassador for Poshmark, we suggest working to become an ambassador. A "Connect with Posh Ambassadors" list is displayed daily to users by Poshmark, with many new Poshmark users following ambassadors from this list. Ambassadors should foresee a rise in more followers of Poshmark.

Top Brands

The top brands are classified in the most common order under the brand tab on the toolbar for each category. The most famous brand is first mentioned, down to the least popular. Sharing things on these pages from other users will dramatically raise more Poshmark followers in your wardrobe.

Celebrity Accounts

Following and unfollowing celebrity closets is a tactic that has had tremendous success in bringing more Poshmark fans. This technique works better when a pop-up closet is launched for the best result and is fairly fresh. When a new celebrity account is introduced, the trick is to follow the celebrity and then unfollow the celebrity a few hours later and then repeat it. This method is a sure way for more followers of Poshmark to increase. A list of the celebrities who are on Poshmark has been collected.

Following Users

When following other users, it is not assured that those users will follow you in return, but those users will never see your closet without following other users. When following other users, we saw an average return of 60 percent. You should do that too, Wardrobe Assistant! The Poshmark Auto Follow feature of ClosetBuddy helps you to follow users from any page on Poshmark.

The Newsfeed

Returning follows and shares from your account's news feed is our favorite way to increase Poshmark followers. A good gesture when users visit or share things in your closet is to return shares to those users and follow them. On the ClosetBuddy's operation returner is another Poshmark auto follow feature. ClosetBuddy will return the shares and obey you automatically!

New Users

Following new users is another Poshmark tip that is frequently ignored when you're trying to get more Poshmark followers. You will find new users from the "Meet The Posher List" who have recently signed up. A user like yourself with a wide following can be seen following new users who have just entered the community and want to follow you in return. Many of these consumers are only initially permitted to be buyers.

Social Media

As your closet expands, you can use these pages to share a Poshmark promo code that gives first-time buyers a $5 discount on their first order to build social media profiles to promote your closet and have more visibility. In addition, you can earn a referral credit for a new customer after the user completes their first order.

In addition, you want to make sure the images on the listings are clean, simple, and styled to attract users to your closet. Images are catching our attention! You want to have photos telling users that I have to follow this closet! This wow factor will be generated by building a closet that is very diverse in brands and inventory!

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