Frequently Asked Questions
What is ClosetBuddy?
ClosetBuddy is a Chrome Extension that acts as a digital assistant to help automate many of the manual actions that you would perform in Poshmark. For example, you could import your inventory from Airtable or Excel using a CSV and post it quickly to your closet with just one click.
What is a Bot?
Software that helps you automate manual workflows such as sharing, liking, and more are popularly known as "bots".
What is ListingBuddy?
ListingBuddy is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage your closet inventory. If like many, you keep your inventory in an outside app, like Airtable or Excel, you can easily import them and post it quickly on Poshmark with a click of a button.
What is OfferBuddy?
ClosetBuddy has a built-in tool to make offers to likers, bundlers and follow-up offers (2nd and 3rd time offers at lower prices). Enter the desired discount you'd like to make first-time likers and it will help you make them.
What is ShareBuddy?
Sharing items, whether yours or others', is one of the primary actions on Poshmark. ShareBuddy helps you share your entire closet or others' items in a reasonable and human-like fashion.
What is FollowBuddy?
Following other users on Poshmark can help you see when their items are discounted or updated. FollowBuddy finds the most popular items on Poshmark and follows the users who like them.
What is CommentBuddy?
CommentBuddy leaves messages on other people's private bundles. Because bundling something is one of the highest-intent actions on the platform, this will yield a high open and response rate making it super effective. It also takes note to not leave duplicate messages to the same user for some period of time making it less spammy. Still, use this with care!
How hard is it learn to use?
ClosetBuddy is the simplest and most effective Poshmark bot out there. It was created in 2020 using the latest web technologies and designed for the typical Poshmarker -- not for technical people. You will notice this with its simple UI, friendly descriptions, and minimal knobs and levers that you need to otherwise constantly watchover (as with other bots out there).
How many shares a day can I make?
ClosetBuddy doesn't provide you with a number of likes or shares for you to enter since it is too easy for you to shoot yourself in the foot and get shadow-banned. Instead, ClosetBuddy offers four simple modes of speed: Off, Slow, Normal, or Fast. You may choose whichever speed works best based on your account history. ClosetBuddy may pull the speed back if it notices you taking too many actions too quickly.
What is shadow banning?
Poshmark is a very clever company: they will monitor your activity on Poshmark -- perform too many actions of the same type too quickly and they may verify that you're human with a CAPTCHA popup or sometimes they will shadow ban you. Shadow banning is when things like sharing or posting look normal to you, but you have been flagged in their system and these actions will not actually occur. Imagine that! You may have thought you've shared your items to thousands of followers, but in reality no one ever saw a thing.
How much does it cost?
ClosetBuddy's free tier is free-of-charge and no payment information is required. If you're satisfied with the product you can then choose from three different monthly prices, $0, $14, or $29, depending on your business needs. There will always be a free version!
What are my payment options?
All payments are made via credit card for the pay-tiered versions. If you choose a pay-tiered version, payment will begin on the first day and charged every 30 days until you cancel. You can cancel easily in the app.
Is it safe to use?
Yes! ClosetBuddy injects human-like actions into each of its assistants (ShareBuddy, FollowBuddy, ListingBuddy) and performs its actions at a reasonable rate. As a bonus: it will also throttle itself back when it notices CAPTCHAs that popup.
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