Poshmark Basics
Poshmark Reserved Items
Dec 15, 2019
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Reserving Items

What is reserved for Poshmark? Poshmark Reserved is when, using the "Buy It Now" icon, a user is in the check-out process of buying an item. The reserved banner is shown for 10 minutes while a consumer is in the check out process of buying an item.

Can you reserve an item on Poshmark?

No, you are unable to reserve products on Poshmark as of 2020. A seller may leave a comment to ask them to reserve an item. The offer must then be modified as "Not for Offer" for the listing. Personally, I do not suggest reserving items in this way as there is a guarantee that a buyer will return to buy the item. Although the list is "Not for Sale," the item will not be used by any potential buyers.

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