Poshmark Bots
A Survey of the Best Poshmark Bots
May 20, 2020
If you decide which Poshmark bot to use, it can be a challenging process to find the best tool for you. There are a variety of current choices of varying quality. It's hard to say the right one from the tools' websites.

I wrote this guide to help resellers decide which Poshmark method is ideally suited to them. I've tried all of the top rated and most successful Poshmark bots, spent hundreds of hours using all of their apps, and tested their effectiveness in driving sales to my Poshmark closet. I have come across a wide variety of quality-there are some items that are extremely successful and others that don't work at all.

In the end, I hope to save you some time in checking all the options. If you're interested in learning why you may want to use the Poshmark Sharing App, we've discussed this in our Poshmark bot guide. If you already know that you want to use a bot to maximize your sales, then this article has my product recommendations.

The best Poshmark bot: Closet Buddy!

Closet Buddy is my top recommendation for the best Poshmark bot. Out of all the options, Closet Buddy was the simplest product to use, was fairly priced relative to the competition (offering three prices: free forever, $14/mo, or $29/mo depending on your business needs) and was used to make the most of the sales. Unlike other bots, Closet Buddle offers simple 1-click buttons to get things going and there are no complicated configurations.

Runner up: Simple Posher

Simple Posher is a Google extension that makes it compatible with all computers and operating systems, unlike Pro Devices. Features are easy, but without being overwhelming. The Item Sharer feature was the only function that operated without any incident. Given the cost, ease of use and clean interface, most functions did not work at all or were blocked by Poshmark, making Simple Posher one of the worst bots we've tried in terms of functionality and usability.

Closet Betty

Another cheap Posh bot Chrome extension, Closet Betty also has a fast, easy-to-use gui with lots of features. However, the most critical features, such as sharing objects, run into too many bugs to function correctly, and the instructions do not include troubleshooting solutions, so we do not recommend this bot. It's worth $30 a month. You could get more value and better results elsewhere.

Poshmark Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the most costly kit of the four bots that we tested. Pro Tools has all the best Poshmark bot apps, such as Auto Share, Follow, Edit-Shares, and the ability to back up your entire wardrobe. But while Pro Tools has many features not found in other Posh bots, many of the features were too difficult to find out because of bad written instructions, or they didn't work at all, so your money and time is better spent elsewhere. Another drawback is that Pro Tools is only available as a Windows program.

Closet Pilot

Closet Pilot, like Simple Posher, is a Google extension that works decently well. Given the cost is similar to others, it did its job. However, the plethora of buttons, options, and configurations made it difficult for new Poshmarkers to understand what they should set.

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