Poshmark Rankings
2020: How Poshmark Ranks its Users
August 17, 2020
Knowing how the ranking algorithm of the platform operates is key to the development of a profitable company as a Poshmark seller. Understanding how the Poshmark rates things in the feed is a key component of attracting and increasing your Closet audience. Fortunately, while many other sites retain a mystery of their ranking algorithms, Poshmark was fairly transparent about how theirs works.

How does the Poshmark algorithm work?

There are two audiences you need to think about when understanding the Poshmark algorithm: 1) your followers, and 2) those who don’t follow you.

Your followers

The ranking system is incredibly simple for your followers: When you share an item, it will appear at the top of your followers' feeds. This happens every time you share, for every single item, for each of your followers. The more followers you've got, the more people you'll see in your feed and the more sales you'll get.


It's more difficult for non-followers to rank in their Poshmark feed. The easiest way to get your items in front of those users is (at the risk of stating the obvious) to get them to follow you. Outside of that, there are other ways to rank: List the trendy brands in your closet. List the appropriate inventory for the season. Delisting and listing your inventory (more on this later in the article)

Poshmark promotes trendy and popular brands at the top of the feed, so it helps to keep these brands in your inventory. In addition, Poshmark also regularly devotes Posh Parties to these trendy brands, which provide an additional space for you to share these items.

As for seasonality, it goes without saying that people tend to buy clothes during the current season. In addition, Poshmark continues to promote these seasonal items. When it comes to Fall, Poshmark will promote more sweaters and other seasonal clothing at the top of the feeds.

That said, listing trendy brands and having an inventory that works for the season doesn't guarantee exposure to feed. Your best bet is simply to get more users to follow and share with you. This will ensure that you are ranked at the top of their feed.

How to get more followers

Here's the best way to get more followers quickly: share other user's items with the Posh Parties when the Party is active.

If you share these items when the party is going on, you know that many of these other people at the party are on their phone and are likely to check Poshmark's notifications. If you share your item at this time, they will be notified and are likely to check your closet and possibly share one of your items back or follow you.

It's important to understand that this is a game of numbers. Not everyone whose item you share is going to share one of your items or follow you. But there will be a large portion of these users. And with enough shares, this will generate thousands of followers for your closet over time.

And remember, more followers will lead to more people seeing your stuff. More people seeing your items will lead to more sales. More sales leads to a successful reseller, financial well-being and, ultimately, a better life.

How to get more sales

Okay, so here's the formula for generating more sales for your Poshmark business. Share items posted to active Posh Parties by other users Share your own items with all applicable Posh Parties Share your own items with your followers It's simple, it's repeatable every day, and it works. Do this every day, and you're going to grow your business in Poshmark.

Your followers will grow by sharing other user items in Posh Parties. And sharing your items with the Posh Parties and your followers will make more people see and share your items. This is going to generate more sales. For advice on how to grow your Poshmark business outside of growing your exposure, check out our best poshmark tips.

Even though this is a simple formula, the prospect of doing it every day can be daunting. Clicking the share button by hand hundreds or thousands of times a day is no fun for anyone. Luckily, a lot of this kind of work can be automated.

Some resellers choose to hire virtual assistants to do this sharing, but hiring a VA can be expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars a month. And as we explain in our Poshmark Bot guide, the vast majority of Poshmark Virtual Assistants use automated sharing tools like Closet Buddy to share them. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars a month for a VA when you could just use a VA?

How to automate your Closet on Poshmark

If you try to do all this sharing manually, sharing your entire closet can take hours a day. It's time that you could otherwise spend sourcing a new inventory for your Closet, or time that you'd rather spend quality with your family.

Instead, you need to get Closet Buddy to do this work for you. It's a tool that helps you share Poshmark items quickly and easily, without needing to tap your phone or computer non-stop.

Closet Buddy can do just about anything you 'd like to do to make Poshmark grow your next one. It could: Share your entire closet Share your closet with the active Posh Parties Share the items of other people in Posh Parties Automatically follow and unfollow other people So much more than that

How to Automatically Delist and Relist

There's one more secret Poshmark Superpower that can dramatically increase sales: regularly delisting and listing your Poshmark Inventory.

If you share an item that you have already mentioned, it will be bumped into the feeds of your followers. But sharing will not bump your item to the top of Poshmark's brand-specific pages. There's only one way to do that: by deleting and listing your items.

When you completely delete a listing from Poshmark, then create a new listing for it, your new listing will be prioritized by the Poshmark algorithm. If you list the top Lululemon, your new listing will be at the top of the Poshmark Lululemon page. You 're going to get more people to see your listing, and you're going to get more sales.

Closet Buddy (sometimes spelled as ClosetBuddy) is a tool that lets you quickly and automatically delete and list your Poshmark inventory. It'll save you a ton of time by re-listing your items compared to manually doing it yourself.

I highly recommend that you give the product a try. It also allows you to easily crosslist from Poshmark to eBay, as well as other merchants such as Mercari, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace.

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