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Top 10 Selling Tips for 2020
April 3, 2020
Poshmark's selling can be an incredibly profitable money-making venture. Top sellers consistently make six-figure revenue, and many thousands of Poshmark sellers make full-time revenue on the platform.

If you're looking to upgrade your Poshmark game, we've compiled the most important tips to turn beginner and intermediate Posh vendors into Power Sellers.

Are you looking for a one stop resource to upgrade your listing game so you can sell more and increase your income? This guide is your answer to that.

At the end of the day, the key elements of successful listing and selling at Poshmark are: Creating the perfect listing Understanding the selling label Getting on the right side of the Poshmark algorithm Let's just jump in.

1. How to Craft the Perfect Listing

You can greatly increase your chances of selling an item by creating a perfect buyer experience. Making your listings attractive, informative and easy to engage with makes it easy for shoppers to look at them. This increased exposure will result in more sales.

Your buyers are looking for good finds. You want to show the item you 're selling. One of the biggest mistakes many sellers make is to take dark, unflattering pictures of their listings. The first thing your buyer can see is a picture of your listing. If it's dark and uninviting, they 're more likely to keep scrolling.

Make sure you take photos with the right natural light. The best lighting is in the morning and late afternoon. The rooms facing north are ideal. You 're not going to have direct glare from the sun. You can add a white poster / screen across your photo station to reflect more light on your items.

The additional tip of the top sellers is to use the flat lay. The flat lay allows you to take stylistic photos with curated outfits, show off your creativity and style, while inspiring your buyers not only to buy the piece in question, but possibly to buy other pieces in the same flat lay.

Buyers love to see how the clothes look when they're worn. Add extra photos of the item to the mannequin (if you have one) or model the outfit yourself.

2. Make a Listing Title that Sells

People want to know what they're going to see when they visit your listing. Try to clearly mention the name of the item and the brand in the title. Just mention the top 3-5 attributes of your item.

An effective title could be something like: 'Victoria's Secret Blue Polka Dot Pyjama Top'

Remember, the title function is just to get the buyer to click on your listing. You have extra space to go into the details in the description. Capitalize every word, make the title look more professional.

Pro Tip: You can use emojis to save characters if you want to highlight certain features!

3. Focus on Valuable Descriptions

Getting potential buyers to click on your listing is the first step. Now we want them to love what they see so that they can become a customer. In your descriptions, try to state the following clearly: Brand and name of the item, including style and variation Measurements and Sizes List any damage or imperfections

You want to sell the buyer by making them think they 're wearing this item. If you're selling a pair of jeans, you could say something like, 'Perfect to wear a night out with heels and a nice blouse. Alternatively, you can pair these with some nice sneakers for work'

4. Use Templates

Now that you know the main elements of a good list (quality), we can concentrate on pace (quantity). Try using templates to speed up the development of your explanations

Good Practice: Using the same picture filter to keep the theme intact. Using the same system of lighting for your images List your images in the same order Place your products with the same amount of markup Using the same template for definition

5. Show off your brand

In a way, Poshmark & Instagram are close. Presenting a wide selection of products will draw customers. It gives your listings a distinct identity that buyers can begin to recognize. Seek developing a cohesive look and feel for your wardrobe. It would bring new customers and return shoppers.

Think on how you want to get to your wardrobe and take care of that. Your style may be vibrant, boho, simple, dark, bright, or tropical. You may add some background color to display your general style and brand.

6. Abide by Poshmark’s acceptable item rules

Poshmark has laws against the sale of such things such as cosmetics, imitation, imitation, fake or illegal goods (forged Michael Kors bag, for example), non-dressing things such as mobile phones, appliances, DVDs, health and wellness products, and any objects made from endangered or extinct species (fur coats, alligator bags, etc.).

Although you're going to see people selling these things, don't try to add them to your inventory. Poshmark is going to delete accounts that do so. Selling these kinds of products would also make you look less trustworthy as a retailer. If you're not sure what to write, search Poshmark 's website for full info.

7. Pricing and promotions

Effective pricing is going to boost the revenue. Most of the sales will happen after the customer submits a bid. You 're trying to give them the impression that they can get a decent deal. Price is well about what you're trying to get.

If you have a hard time pricing, do some market analysis. Check Poshmark and other websites for listings close to yours to get an idea of what the range is. Don't forget to make sales and wardrobe clear-outs so you can lower your prices and still make a decent profit.

If you get more than 20 likes on a listing, make a flash sale and lower the price by 15-20 percent. Chances are high that one of the people who liked your listing would request a bid.

(It is important to remember that if you lower your price and then increase it again the next time you lower it does not reveal the discount until you lower your lowest price for that item.)

Pro Tip: Lower your rates on Thursdays and Fridays, because most people get paid for it!

8. Treat your closet as your business

Any company that is respected puts its customers first. Treat your closet as if it were your business. You will offer excellent customer support and quality goods. If something goes wrong, you can make up for it.

Over time , this will help your customers come back to your closet and give you some great feedback.

9. Shipping

Poshmark offers you a full week to ship your goods, but consumers are used for 1-2 days of delivery. Amazon Prime Pace has become the gold standard, so try offering it!

If you start selling a lot of things, try to plan your trips to the post office during the week so that you can stay organized and ship easily.

Pro Tip: Don't pay for boxes, you can get free Priority Mail boxes from USPS.

10. Customer experience

Delight your customers with the pace and consideration you put in every deal. Adding a personal note and packing a high-quality wrapping item can make the customer feel different. This will improve your ratings and your listings will be preferred by Poshmark.

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